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Case Study

Young & Rubicam

Brand Refresh & global website rebuild.

My Role and Responsibilities

Global Content Director

Creative Direction
Design Direction
Project Management
Digital Design
Production Oversight

Date: 2016
Agency: Young & Rubicam


Pre Merger - When I joined Y&R in 2015, the external brand was old and tired and did not meet the aesthetic of one of the worlds largest advertising agencies. That needed to change - but who would do it?


Y&R at the time were percieved as a bit of a dinosaur agency known for strategy but not resonating as a really creative and modern shop - despite having the capability.
A perception of Y&R had grown, and it needed to change to suit a modern era of advertising and new media.


I took a presentation to the CEO and CMO on refreshing the brand, pushing a louder message through thought leadership and branded content and building a website that would suit the modern era giving the right audiences the right information and act as an effective selling tool.
They told me to get it done. So I led a global team to refocus the brand and deliver a more modern aethetic, a louder message and an effective tool for selling, showcasing and recruiting.


Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Design, Creative Direction Digital Content, Photography.


The overall aesthetic changed drastically and was adopted and used to great success - unfortuately - VML and Y&R merged about 2 years after it's delivery and so a new brand was born and some of the systems created here were redundant. However it was a great experience to refresh a global brand and deliver a new aesthetic and working global web system for over 150 offices.

Brand / Logo Guidelines

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