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Case Study

The Feminist Letters

Brand Partnership & Campaign

My Role and Responsibilities

Global Content Director

Production Direction
Design Direction
Web Development

Date: 2017
Agency: Young & Rubicam (VMLY&R)


Create a meaningful response to an unjust system.


The topic of feminism is largely up for debate, with many fighting for equal, ethical treatment, and another collection of individuals denying the existence of a sexist and unjust system. Women are faced with often dangerous, unfair policies regarding healthcare and safety laws.


The American political system is at the forefront of these issues, with too many lawmakers that refuse to listen. We sought to create a tool of communication, based in statistical evidence, directed to Congress’ representatives. 

The Feminist Letters is a typeface created to amplify the message advocating for gender equality. Each letter and number is specifically designed with purpose, calling attention to issues like equal pay reproductive rights, women’s health, women in politics, and campus assault laws.


Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Film, Digital Content, Photography.


The Feminist Letters was adopted by partners Women of Sex Tech, Bustle, Bow & Drape, Unbound, Butter & Scotch, YOLA Mezcal, Terrorbird Media, female businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers. Our launch party in NYC featured partners and collateral on behalf of Planned Parenthood of New York City.

The Feminist Letters was picked up by major editorial, design, and female publications, and was featured on a radio special on Radio Free Brooklyn. Feminist organizations across America adopted our font and threw political letter writing parties using our font. We saw engagement on all social platforms - feminists, brands, and partners utilized our tool to create their own content, making their feminist voices heard.

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